WP2- Formulation of SSH database and SSH indicators

Deliverable 2.1 Existing data and databases

WP3- Policy potential assessment of the state-of-the-art / coordination of data collection activities

Deliverable 3.1 Literature review  Deliverable 3.2 Data collection strategy plan  Deliverable 3.3 Advanced Social Science Knowledge in Policymaking processes

WP4- Individual energy choices in group contexts: a social identity perspective on sustainable energy transitions

Deliverable 4.1 Individual Factors in Energy Decisions

WP5- Collective behaviour driven by “energy cultures”: European energy lifestyles

Energy memories is a new concept developed by ECHOES and describes energy relevant attitudes, beliefs and practices, developed from past key events that became part of the normative, practical and material culture.

Deliverable 5.2 Impact of Energy Memories on Energy Cultures

WP6- Formal social units as drivers behind collective decision-making

Deliverable 6.1 Policy Recommendations in energy related decision making processes  Deliverable 6.2 Parameters about energy related behaviour

WP7- Knowledge Synthesis for the Energy Union and SET-Plan                    

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